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CIJ (Continuous inkjet marking printer series)

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Markem-Imaje continuous marking inkjet printers, with more than 4 decades of experience, improve the traceability of your products with the code you need. Their vast ink portfolio, including high-performance competitively priced MEK-free inks, makes Markem-Imaje continuous inkjet marking equipment the most flexible and one of the most reliable on the market today. Easy to use, Markem-Imaje continuous inkjet encoders series simplify daily activities and make your printing process seamless.

TTO (Thermal Transfer Overprinters)

Thermal transfer overprinting machine series, or TTO, is a digital printing technology that has been developed specifically to be used with flexible materials, making it ideally suited for this process, while other coding methods have multiple uses. Markem-Imaje has pioneered thermal transfer coding technology for over three decades. Our comprehensive SmartDate® Series, the industrial thermal transfer overprinter series, provides the most reliable high-quality codes on flow-wrappers, bags, tray seals, pouches, sachets, vacuum packs or labels.

LCIJ (Large Character High Resolution Piezo)

You need to achieve high quality, compliant packaged product without the hassle and added cost of labels. You want to find reliable equipment that is easy to integrate, operate and maintain.


You need a reliable, efficient and environmentally friendly laser printer for your high-speed, high-throughput beverage canning lines. You need to print high-quality, permanent, and traceable codes with a coder that is simple to operate and maintain.

Print & Apply (P&A)

Markem Imaje print and apply labeling machines can accommodate the widest range of materials and shapes and, with a typical resolution of 300 dpi. The whole series provides the highest and most reliable quality printing of all available technologies, giving “A” grade GS1 compliant barcodes. Safe and easy to use, our range of industrial labelers features distinctive technologies that will help you to achieve a great cost of ownership through maximum production uptime, high performance, and minimum downtime.

Packaging intelligence

Optimize packaging operations with automated printing and industrial coding solutions to minimize waste, drive efficiency, and achieve compliance in any market.

We understand the operational complexity of running multiple packaging lines in the most efficient way without downtime. Our packaging intelligence suite maximizes uptime while ensuring your packaging and industrial coding are accurate and traceable.

GS1-128 barcodes

GS1-128 identification encodes much more information, such as lot numbers and expiry dates, into barcodes than other options, improving supply chain traceability and efficiency.

As such, it is becoming more attractive for retailers, wholesalers, and foodservice operators keen to respond swiftly to product safety issues and improve profitability through increased pallet splitting and automation.

All businesses, from startups with a growing brand to large manufacturers with an established global presence, are looking to optimize operations, comply with obligatory regulations, protect their products and increase customer satisfaction. At MI, we deliver intelligent solutions that transform a mark or code into a source of smart decisions to help our customers do all this and more.

Markem-Imaje delivers intelligent identification and traceability solutions, services and expertise to empower our customers with the right information across the supply chain—keeping products authentic, safe and connected.

We offer the industry’s most comprehensive range of marking and coding systems seamlessly integrated with trusted software, services and consumables.