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Combat counterfeiting with advanced brand protection technologies.

Learn how to scale up your anti-counterfeiting program using your entire customer base and a mobile app. It’s covert and cost effective!


Advancing the traceability of secondary packaging: Next-generation case coding solutions.

There is growing industry demand for sustaining high-quality barcodes, branding and text on corrugated packaging. Learn how to improve supply chain management and ensure GS1-128 compliance with our new 5940 G TouchDry® high-resolution inkjet coder.


Ensure packaging and data integrity to drive efficiency and achieve compliance.

See how the right code on the right package delivers real-time insight, actionable product data and end-to-end connectivity across the supply chain.


Win greater brand loyalty by creating compelling consumer experiences.

From physical to digital… How you can transform products into a digital platform that engages consumers in ways current channels cannot.


Considering laser technology? How to choose the right solution for your applications.

Learn how lasers can increase your ROI, free manpower and improve efficiency. Join us for tips on selecting the right laser for your specific applications and substrates.

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