Something big is coming
for the TTO market


Ideal for a wide range of applications

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We know that you want high-quality thermal transfer overprints on your flexible film packaging without compromising production throughput. 

We know that you need a reliable and compliant marking solution to prevent costly shipment rejections or fines.

We also know that achieving this can be particularly difficult where shipping and or production conditions can interfere with code adhesion.

That is why, as world leaders in TTO technology, we are about to launch a market-first innovation that will increase your printing performance and print quality, even in the toughest applications.  

We are so excited about this breakthrough technology that we could not resist sharing with you some of its key benefits:

  • Crisp and durable codes even on rough substrates
  • Print speed twice as fast, regardless of the data complexity
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Easy to set up

Exciting right? Do you want to know more? 



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