How Markem-Imaje can help you win?

Announcing our new e-Commerce Portal


Speed up your purchasing process and order the supplies you need on your own

Order supplies whenever
you want

Navigate the portal in a straightforward manner and benefit from the most popular features
you are used to

Increase efficiency by ordering the right product in the right quantity at the right time and according to your inventory

Access all your account information and order exactly what you need and according to your equipment

Serving our customers online around the world

Having consumables and spares on hand when you need them is key to keeping your production lines running.
The new Markem-Imaje e-commerce Portal makes this easier than ever before, while giving you better visibility into your installed base and supplies. Thanks to the new portal, it only takes a few clicks to efficiently manage your coding consumables and equipment.*

The portal is available to customers in the US, UK, Canada, Netherlands, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, France.


Ordering and tracking without mistakes

Place orders directly from home page buttons or e-shop:
  • Create orders based on machine-specific recommendations, repeat past orders, order from the e-shop’s homepage, pick from favorites or from full catalogue
  • Simulate orders to check planned delivery dates meet production schedule
  • Track orders once placed and download orders and copies of invoices as PDFs when needed

Managing all installed base and contracts from one place

‘My Production Lines” and the equipment section in the e-shop give you:
  • Access to list of installed machines, with ability to name lines so you can quickly find the line you need
  • Full information: Model and serial numbers, location, supplies needed and status of warranties and service contracts for each piece of equipment

Information at the click of a button

Easy access to experts, documents and alerts:
  • Contact button for quick access to company experts via an online form
  • Knowledge section to obtain user manuals, policies and safety data sheets
  • Alerts to renew warranties and consumables contracts, or to order consumables for new equipment, protecting production uptime

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